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Groove Pilates is a studio where we focus on one thing - YOUR BODY. Different stages of life bring different support needs, and our programs are tailored to meet you where you're at. Whether you're retired, have young children, are experiencing menopause, recovering from an injury or supporting your athletic life, there is a Pilates groove for you. 

Formerly Simpatico Pilates, Groove is owned and operated by local movement education specialist and choreographer Jessica Ballonoff. Jess holds a BFA in Dance Choreography from UC Irvine, a California Teaching Credential in Physical Education, and a Body Arts and Science International Comprehensive Pilates Certification.

All trainers at Groove Pilates have extensive certifications, making us one of the highest credentialed studios in town. We pride ourselves on quality movement instruction, a clean, peaceful space, and exemplary customer service. Please email with any questions about the studio. We look forward getting your into your GROOVE!




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