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Private Training

The way Pilates was meant to be taught

Pilates Trainer

Private Session

Private training is at the core of a dedicated Pilates practice. The individualized workout you get with a fully certified Pilates instructor is unparalleled. We offer trained eyes and practiced demonstrations, gentle hands-on assistance, and a lifetime of experience finding and guiding body awareness.

Sessions are 80 minutes for an introductory session, and 50 minutes after that. Each session will meet you on the mat, and you will leave feeling taller, stronger, more limber and more aligned.

Come find your groove with our incredible training staff.


Duets are privates, but with your friend or partner! You can expect a balanced workout next to your partner, with 100% focus from your trainer. Great for spouses, parents and children, visiting friends, teammates, and more.

Pilates Friends
Pilates Class on Reformers


This is a more specialty offering for the client who has a small group and would like to coordinate a private class. The trainer will work with you to create the perfect private experience for your group. Please email to get more details on private group sessions.

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