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Group Classes

A modern Pilates approach with Classical repertoire



Let our trainers guide you through a great workout - it's different every time! From footwork to arm work, feet in straps and everything in between, Groove Reformer classes never disappoint. *One introductory class or private session is required before booking.


Build your strength, find your alignment, test your balance and more on our unique tower units. Essentially a redesigned version of the Cadillac, Tower class is a real treat. Versatile and dynamic, the Tower is excellent for bodies of all ages. *One introductory class or privates session is required before booking.

Pilates Reformer
Pilates Exercise


Combo classes at Groove are up to the instructor's discretion - you might find yourself on the tower or the reformer, on the mat, or some version of all three. Each instructor brings their unique pedagogy to these classes. Come find your groove!

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